Mauritians are walking less and less with cash. With some applications, they can make payments with their smartphone. The MCB and SBM, the two major banks, have also each launched their own system.

Sarah Thandrayen is a user of Juice implementation of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB). This Business Development Executive in the logistics sector has chosen this mobile payment service (m-payment), mainly to avoid having to move and queuing to pay their electricity bill to the Central Electricity Board each month. The woman makes the payment directly on his mobile phone from the comfort of your living room or office in minutes.

It also benefits from Juice to settle transactions in some shops instead of using cash or a credit card. for example, it pays two to three times a month various services like dining out or makeup. These are typically payments of Rs 500 and above. However, with mobile payments, it is possible to carry out transactions for small amounts less than Rs 100, with the aim of replacing the use of cash as well as credit cards.

Mauritians are increasingly likely to adopt this method of payment, perceived as being more convenient. But how to access? Juice comes in the form of a free downloadable smartphone application. It allows to credit the account of a trader, but also that of a third person. This service allows to make purchases, transfer money and ATM withdrawals without a credit card or cash.

For its part, the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) offers such as Orange Money mobile payment service. As the name suggests, this service is a partnership with Orange Mauritius Telecom. This system works by sending SMS.

The SMS must contain PAY, retailers code and the amount payable. It must be sent in 8088 for Orange customers or 258 8088 for customers of other operators. The customer receives an SMS asking him to confirm payment via personal code (PIN). Payment is then debited from the customer’s SBM account and credited to the merchant’s. The latter then receives a confirmation SMS.

apple pay

The US manufacturer Apple provides, for its part, Apple Pay. As its name suggests, it is a payment system through the latest iPhones and iWatch connected watches. It is a contactless payment system. Specifically, the latest iPhones have an NFC chip. The latter enables smartphones to communicate with credit card readers equipped with a chip to a few centimeters away. Just save one or more credit cards in the Wallet app from the iPhone. Then, at a merchant accepting payments via Apple Pay, the client puts his phone on the player. It then validates the payment by putting his finger on the fingerprint reader. This action enables secure payments in case of loss or theft of the phone. The system also works with the latest iWatch. Apple Pay should not be available in Mauritius until 2017.