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Renganarden Sooben “It would be ‘unethical’ to request the State to renew my mandate”


Since when are you the President of Moka District Council?

(Laughter) a date I will never forget, on 27 December 2012.

Is this your first term?

Yes, my first term as president. But before 2012, I was a district councilor. And from the 90s, I was a member at the Village of St-Julien d’Hotman.

Did you could say that you arrived at the end of your mandate?

(Without hesitation) Yes, certainly. Because in December there will be elections.

Do you have a heavy heart?

Not at all. I am satisfied with my eloquent way. And I have a very positive outcome.

As some of your fellow presidents, do you think that you also have the chance to perform a second term?

Not at all. I think it would be unethical to ask the government to renew my mandate. We must give a chance to others. At the same time, I hope the next president will be up, a field man of good will … And most importantly, it will continue the work we have already started.

If not, what are the projects that have impressed you the most?

The construction of four houses in St Catherine. Four families have suffered a serious fire and lost everything. I am proud to say that this is the first time a local authority has made such a project with our CSR. This is a project that will stay in my heart.

Otherwise, there are also big projects drains in affected regions, such as Avenir, White Mountain. Besides the work market of Saint Peter and the construction of a gymnasium in various buildings in the village hall.