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The debate on hunting giant crocodiles resurfaces in Australia


The population of saltwater crocodiles exploded in northern Australia since they were declared a protected species. But a series of recent attacks has reignited the debate over whether to limit their number.

The giant lizards that can measure up to seven meters long and weigh more than a ton, haunt the waters of northern Australia. Their number is estimated at about 100,000.

They kill an average of two people a year.

But after several attacks, including a woman who died in May, caught by a crocodile while she was bathing in the state of Queensland, calls are multiplying for a portion of them are killed.

Bob Katter, elected colorful of deep Australia, recently called for the organization of safaris to hunt the crocodile.

Nature has its own balance and this balance is completely broken. We can rebalance nature safaris through, “ he said.

Saltwater crocodiles (or saltwater crocodiles) were declared a protected species in 1971. Previously, the reptiles were considered a nuisance and were on the brink of extinction after years of unbridled hunting.

The lizards have become a tourist attraction and some sector companies have found themselves under fire from critics because they use the meat to attract animals during boat trips.

The operators claim that no connection between the fact to bait the crocodiles and attacks against humans has been established.

“A number of them have learned to recognize the sound of our boat and it is they who come to eat ,” says Shalee O’Brien, manager of the Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory .

No estuarine crocodile is your friend,” recalls Jones Reuben guide. ” In general, they will kill you.”