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The low-cost air redraws landscape


The phenomenon of low-cost reaches our shores. AirAsia X already serves Mauritius, while French Blue will land in Reunion next year. These new low-cost carriers are upset the plans of traditional airlines but at the same time, they open up new prospects for the travel industry.

In Mauritius, it is expected that the low cost makes it more accessible countries. Indeed,AirAsia X is spreading its wings in the Mauritian sky since early October and the low-cost line has an impressive network, which theoretically should benefit the tourism industry.Asia is full of tourist destinations very competitive and low-cost air can help to mount the most attractive packages to Mauritius. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority seesAirAsia X a complementary offer to the destination on the Asian market.

The arrival of the Asian carrier, however, grows Air Mauritius to reorganize commercially.With an airport ever-changing landscape, the company Mauritian aviation has no other choice but to review its governance structure and develop greater operational and commercial flexibility to improve its resilience, keep pace and react the extremely dynamic market. The carrier will certainly revise its business model.

Sen Ramsamy, the Director General of Tourism Business Intelligence is a natural and inevitable evolution of aviation in this part of the world. “The low cost airlines are transforming the business model of commercial aviation and change the psychology of travel around the world, “ he observed, adding, ” the reality and market trends are not the same. “

And our neighbors, to force focus the attention of Reunion on the issue of competition,French Blue eventually lead to other questions, such as the opening of Reunion international lines, a subject at the heart of the concerns of local tourism professionals, increasingly willing to turn to diverse source markets. And to wonder if it should not be“free air Reunion and not let the international hub in Mauritius, offering direct flights to international destinations without having to go to Paris, or stopover in Mauritius.”