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Primary right: new heated exchanges in perspective with the 2nd televised debate


The chase led by Nicolas Sarkozy Alain Juppe behind in the primer right experiencing a new episode Thursday night with the second televised debate, after a first year who had not truly moves the lines between the seven candidates.

The second of four scheduled debates – a third is scheduled for 18 November, the last pit the two finalists before the second round – will be broadcast live from the Salle Wagram in Paris, on BFM TV, RMC, Dailymotion and iTELE, the latter to disseminate the debate despite the strike that has continued for 18 days.

On the menu of this trade: Europe, education and security, with a debate in three parts (first current issues and two thematic parts).

The exchanges will be refereed by Ruth Elkrief (BFM TV), Laurence Ferrari (iTELE) Apolline Malherbe (BFMTV) and Michael Darmon (iTELE) in the presence of an audience of 300 people invited by the candidates and chains.

Each candidate will have to answer in a minute and will have a minute for a right of reply (against 30 seconds in the first debate).

Some text explanations may arise on the subject of safety, competitors Nicolas Sarkozy have criticized almost all the loss of over 10,000 jobs between 2007 and 2012, although members of the government or the majority of the time.

5.6 million viewers had watched October 13 first debate unsurprisingly, marked by a long sequence of different court cases. And a sharp arrow shot by Nicolas Sarkozy against a Jean-Francois Cope “incapable of imposing anything either.”

Favorite in the polls, Alain Juppé will try to maintain its lead. “We have no reason to change ” strategy, recently explained his entourage.

Former Prime Minister wanted to make a new show of force on Wednesday with the media rallying the president of the Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse, and a visit to the slab of Argenteuil, where also in 2005, Nicolas Sarkozy had promised an inhabitant of ” rid” of “scum .

Juppe always clear lead

The former president, meanwhile, continues its all-out offensive against François Bayrou, president of the Modem and open support of the mayor of Bordeaux. ” There are no good and bad alliances with the center” , retorted the centrist Philippe Vigier, pro-Juppé.

He denies any agreement on a group of ” 100 to 150 deputies” centrists hammered by Sarkozy, whose strategy is to push voters in the primary to ” turn away” Juppe on the theme: ” the true man of the right, ie, is me”.

Nicolas Sarkozy hit hard on Wednesday night on Facebook, letting ” see no change will” at Alain Juppe. And to oppose his ” frank alternation” to “make haste slowly ” to guide, according to him, his rival, ” probably influenced by his experience of reforms blocked by the road in 1995″.

If Mr. Juppé is still leading the polls vary. In the last delivery Ifop-Fiducial, Sarkozy (31%, “2) closed the gap Juppé (37%, -4). But in the barometer Elabe Wednesday is Sarkozy who drop (27%, -5 ) before a stable Juppé (39%), the former president even losing 10 points in the LR only supporters (37%) when his opponent wins in five (32%).

Far behind the other competitors will try to force a decision. François Fillon, whose performance in the first debate and then in ” Political Issue ” of France 2 were considered convincing, insists that these polls are worthless. However, now the Elabe credits an encouraging 15% ( “4).

Less comfortable October 13, Bruno Le Maire will try to dispute Mr. Fillon instead of third man. While the three other candidates -Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Jean-Francois Cope and Jean-Frédéric Poisson hope to score points.

Revelation of the first debate for the general public, the president of the Christian Democratic Party was embroiled in the controversy arose from his statements about Hillary Clinton and the “Zionist lobbies”.

NKM it has received on Wednesday the support of MP Philippe Folliot, president of the centrist Alliance.